Sandrine Olivencia: Lean Project Management Using “Oobeya”


An article about (IT) Project Management the TPS way – project administration based on fast communication and short decision paths – eliminating “departmental thinking”.

Some highlights:

  • Need for a strong IT lead engineer – similar to the designer in the high fashion industry
  • Project Management needs technical and functional knowledge to help make speedy decisions
  • Small projects are more successful than large projects

Elements of the Oobeya room:

  • Project Objectives describe the project background and vision.
  • Voice of the Customer describes customer preferences, the basis for product design.
  • Target product describes the final output and also shows the current state of the product.
  • Performance Indicators translate project objectives and the voice of the customer into 3 to 4 key indicators (customer satisfaction, quality, time, cost).
  • Macro Plan aggregates all the project’s key deliverables and milestones.
  • Problem Solving lists all ongoing problems and documents how they are being resolved.
  • Team Production Monitoring shows the flow of production for each team.

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