InformationWeek: State Of DevOps

The results of a DevOps survey by InformationWeek.

“Think of DevOps as agile software development for the entire IT life cycle. Teams not only write code in short iterations, but they also test and even implement it in similar bursts, using version-control tools and more highly automated datacenter configurations.”


“Can the trendy tech strategy of DevOps really bring together developers and IT operations to deliver better apps faster? Our survey shows a mixed bag of results.”


“The doubts come from both sides: 23% of respondents adopting DevOps say developers are the ones resisting the methodology, 38% blame network/datacenter folks, and another 39% blame both. Certain IT pros also have a legitimate fear of losing their jobs: If existing engineers can’t understand the architecture and all the infrastructure components, and then they write scripts to automate the DevOps processes, they won’t fit in a DevOps environment.”


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