Håkan Borglund: The Toyota Way, IS delivering value to the business

Håkan Borglund, CIO of Toyota MHE described the Toyota Industries Business Practices (TIBP) applied to the IS function of Toyota Material Handling Europe. Showing how the Toyota values are applied in the IS operating model. Giving concrete example of how the Toyota I_Site software and blackbox solution were launched in the global market place using TIBP during the various phases of the development and deployment.

Touches the five core values of The Toyota Way:

  • Challenge: To maintain a long-term vision and meet all challenges with the courage and creativity needed to realize that vision.
  • Kaizen: Continuous improvement. As no process can ever be declared perfect, there is always room for improvement.
  • Genchi Genbutsu: Going to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus and achieve goals.
  • Respect: Toyota respects others, makes every effort to understand others, accepts responsibility and does its best to build mutual trust.
  • Teamwork: Toyota stimulates personal and professional growth, shares opportunities for development and maximises individual and team performance.
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