Cecil Dijoux: Bug Fixing Vs. Problem Solving – From Agile to Lean

A very interesting article on the difference between bugs as seen within Agile software development and problems as seen within a lean way of working.

The author describes the goal of this article as follows:

The goal of this article is to describe how my thinking has been evolving on the topic of bugs and problems, provide some hints on how to better understand the problems causing bugs in order to improve the performance, and put this into perspective with some real life stories

Link and source: http://www.infoq.com/articles/bug-fixing-problem-solving

Some more quotes:

Bugs are symptoms of a more general issues and it is critical for a lean team to relate these symptoms with actual problems.


…this is a roadmap I would recommend to turn an agile team into a lean and learning one :

  • Measure the performance, make it visible and discuss it, everyday
  • Make sure problems are expressed the lean way
  • Treat problems one by one, as they appear
  • Do the check


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