DAD Blog: The Lean IT Operations Mindset


An interesting article about what is part of a “lean IT operations mindset”:

  1. Run a trustworthy IT ecosystem
  2. Focus on the strategic (long-term) over the tactical (short-term)
  3. Streamline the overall flow of work
  4. Help end-users succeed
  5. Standardization without stagnation
  6. Regulate releases into production
  7. Sufficient documentation

And some more thoughts from the same Blog about Release Management and DevOps here

New Relic blog: Kanban for Ops Teams


The New Relic Ops team shares how they use Kanban to manage daily IT operations. How they deal with interruptive issues while managing a planned work stream.

A must read for all Ops people out there.

Key ideas:

  • Limit work in progress: Only a set number of things can be in progress at any one time for the whole team.
  • Prioritize completion of work in progress over new work: Anything already in progress should be completed before new work is taken into the system. Getting completed work approved should come before taking new work into the system.
  • Manage the flow of work through the system: Actively monitor and identify hold-ups in the system by daily review.
  • Visualize the workflow: Make a clear visual representation of the work so that progress can be obviously monitored.